endless HOPE…

endless HOPE…

#1 – Baby Step, Start a Blog

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My Facebook status earlier today read…

“On my mind:   Have been encouraged to write a book – several times now by several people…not anything I would ever have imagined doing!  Write a book?  Ha, I hardly even read books!  If I did sit down and get into though…I could keep going for a month…so it feels too big to start.  First suggestion was to do blog articles to get rolling….hmmm, scary but kinda interesting…feels like a baby step…that would be more manageable.  Maybe it will be just a private journal first, an outlet to process life…or maybe parts could be shared.  Not sure if people feel they are helped and encouraged by hearing someone else’s deep and detailed thoughts, or if the world is tired of hearing everyone talk about themselves and their experiences.”

Several hours later I had 34 likes and 30 comments encouraging me on…and by then 1600 words in my roughly typed journal…so here goes nothin‘ somethin’!

Start by reading “Our Story” on the top right.

<3  Janine Kurtz

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