endless HOPE…

endless HOPE…

#5 – Burn Out Bright


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Journal Entry October 18, 2013 – Burn Out Bright…I just love this song by Switchfoot!  It’s pretty rockin’, so if you don’t like that sorta thing, don’t bother looking it up (haha).  We played it at Brandon’s Celebration of Life as part of a slide show.  Two days before we had a more solemn gathering for the viewing, but we played lots of upbeat music at his memorial/Celebration of Life cause that’s what Brandon would have liked!  Keep in mind he was 15 – and disliked things that were dull.  :)

We usually listen to the kind of music our kids like…and so songs like this bring back lots of memories of a few years ago.  I always thought this band was pretty awesome – we even managed to fluke out and catch a concert several years ago when we were out-of-town without the kids for a rare time away.  That was pretty cruel for the “parents” to go see one of the kids favorite bands and then tell them about it – but we did bring back t-shirts!

This song and many others seemed like catchy tunes to me…but when we were searching for songs to use after Brandon’s passing, this one really hit me.  I thought, “oh man, if I ever write a book, I should ask these guys if I could by any chance, pretty please, use this same title!”  We’ll see about that.

But anyway this song brings up so many things inside of me.  It’s a picture of how Brandon lived, full-out!  He gave things his all – diligently working hard and playing hard.  In some homework he had done just a few days before his passing, he had written a line about “I love adventure and exciting activities – and I want to find undiscovered land.”  He passionately played soccer, and gave 110% as striker, scoring lots of goals with his team, even when he played up one year with older guys.  He always bounded down the stairs, never walked.  He was constantly entertaining or teasing at the table – just to get a laugh and keep things fun.  If I reminded him of some table manners, he would get a rise out of me by doing something off the wall (opposite of the table manners I had taught him) – how could you expect the rest of us to NOT burst out laughing?!  Haha!  Good memories.  He was cautious and wise in many things, taking only calculated risks, budgeting his time and saving money, but he was definitely free-spirited in the way he loved the out doors, spontaneity and fun!  He lived for fun!

I won’t write much else tonight, just leave you with the song lyrics.  Brandon’s life has re-lit what was a waning ember in me, and reinforced that I too want to Burn Out Bright!  I don’t want to be a light that dims with time, a flame that slowly stops dancing. I don’t want to make a mess of my life, or let my hope be snuffed out by the damp blanket of the reality that life is hard.  No, I want to shine brightly, give my all, be effective and productive until the day I die.  THERE’S STILL FIRE IN ME YET!

Fueled by this endless HOPE…

<3 Janine Kurtz

Burn Out Bright

by Switchfoot  
Does it have to start with a broken heart – Broken dreams and bleeding parts?
We were young and the world was clear – Young ambition, it disappears
I swore it would never come to this – The average, the obvious
I’m still discontented down here – I’m so discontented
If we’ve only got one try – If we’ve only got one life
If time was never on our side – Well, before I die I wanna burn out bright
So a spark ignites in time and space – To make it through this human race
You fight and crawl your way back home  – But you’re running the wrong way
The future is a question mark – With kerosene and electric sparks
There’s still fire in you yet – Yeah, there’s still fire in you
If we’ve only got one try – If we’ve only got one life
If time was never on our side – Well, before I die I wanna burn out bright
I can’t clean up the mess I’ve made – I can’t clean up the mess I’ve made
I can’t sleep in the bed I’ve made – I can’t sleep in the bed I’ve made
If we’ve only got one try – If we’ve only got one life
If time was never on our side – Well before I die I wanna burn out
Before I die I wanna burn out bright
If time was never on our side
Well before I die I wanna burn out bright
Songwriters:   Jonathan Foreman;Timothy Foreman
Album: Oh Gravity! by Switchfoot

5 thoughts on “#5 – Burn Out Bright

  1. Loved this post for so many reasons. I could see Brandon ‘bounding’ down the stairs and joking at the table (I have a few boys of my own and they all have a lot of tease in them, so I had to grin when reading this). In fact, your story paints a wonderful picture of what he was like (never having truly known him) and it’s obvious he was a very likeable person with a great attitude and an ambition to explore and discover. That ‘damp blanket of reality’ as you so aptly described it, sure can get to a person–and it spoke to me. It’s so easy to become discouraged and want to opt out, but there is always hope and opportunities to shine and bring light to others, as you are now doing. Thanks Janine!

  2. Janine you have been given the amazing gift of writing… share share share…. I am so enjoying reading your blog.

  3. Thanks for the blog today. Great words to the song. If I only had the smarts to download it to listen to it!! Well I tried.

  4. one of my favorite songs, this too, inspires me as well

  5. Janine,
    Thank you for opening up your story for the rest of us to share with you. I am inspired by someone in your shoes; your words ring deeper, as you’re speaking out of experience, not just theory.

    You challenge me not to take things for granted and to live life fully, to truly burn out bright. Glad you’re keeping Brandon’s beautiful light aglow for the world to see.


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